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i recommend lots of sailor moon crystal~ i love sailor moon, i've been watching the new series and i really like it! (٭°̧̧̧ω°̧̧̧٭)

Watch Anime, Listen To RadioHead. Set For Life. Answer:

haha just started watching it too ^▽^ and ur right it is great ( ´`)

Recomend Me Anime Pics To Post :)

Sup guys! xD Was wanting to c What you guys would want me post Just for u 人(´∇`)/ Sad, depressing, happy, couples, certain anime u like ^^

Ill try my hardest to find ones I think r really kool and hopefully u think so too (^ω^)

U could ask or message me whenever u feel like it, and recommend me however many time u want : )

Tho sorry if I don't post or I post them late, since its hard finding amazing Specific anime pics ;P

But again ill try my best ^^


recomend me what to post Anime mainly :)